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I Help Plastic Surgeons Revamp Their Clinic

After Revamping A Plastic Surgery Clinic Hit 7 Figures - I’ll Just Give You All Of My Booking Funnels, Publishing Plan, Email Copy, Winning Ads, and Sales Scripts That Made Them An Authority In The Marketplace... Or would you prefer spending over $480k and three years trying to figure it out on your own?

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Gio De La Cruz is a New York-based Executive who has a proven track record in working with Doctors in the Plastic Surgery industry to help their business improve and scale.

His marketing and managerial problem-solving skills background have consistently helped his clients increase their revenue by over seven figures, all while providing them with invaluable insights on how to dominate the marketplace through marketing and systems.

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“I believe Doctors have a significant impact on patients lives, as well as their love ones. I love nothing more than knowing I have helped someone else positively change the lives of others.”

- Gio De La Cruz

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